Well my playing just had to lead to also playing the saxophone!  Especially in light of the fact I was in a jazz band at the time and they needed a tenor saxophone player - I saw my opportunity.  My first saxophone was a tenor 'yangisawa' replica (or so I was told) made by Kinstar.  It was actually a very nice saxophone but I sold it in 1995 to upgrade my clarinet.  It has taken me 10 years to finally replace it!

My next saxophone I bought in 2003.   I decided to go back to teaching saxophone and so bought an alto as that is the instrument most commonly learnt by school pupils.  I bought a Jupiter 767 and I actually really like it.  I have recommended it to several of my pupils and they are very happy with their Jupiter saxophone.

I joined a saxophone quartet and had the opportunity to play a friend's soprano, fell in love with it and just 'had to have one'.  I was lucky - when I started looking for one I got a bargain.  It had been sold but the purchaser decided he didn't want to learn after all and so it was returned to the shop so I got it at a discounted price.  This soprano is also made by Jupiter.

Well when I finally got a tenor I was just going to HAVE to have a Yanigisawa, but as clarinet is my main instrument, I  decided I just couldn't justify the expense.  Finally my patience paid off and I got a lovely tenor saxophone. This time I got it from Ebay - but I went and saw and played it first.  It too is a Jupiter - but the top of the line, silver plated artist model, with a silver crook.  It is lovely and I got it for less than the price of their basic student model!



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