Music is my life (apart from my lovely family) and I couldn't imagine not being involved in music in some way.

I first started learning to play music when I was seven years old.  I wanted to immediately start on the clarinet as my grandfather used to play one for a short period of time and this instrument fascinated me.  I was also bought up listening to the music of Benny Goodman and the likes.  I wasn't big enough to start on clarinet however, (long before the days of the Lyon C) so had to start on descant recorder.  

My parents were very supportive of my interest in music and actively encouraged me.  I went to a brilliant Saturday music school - Glenfield Music Centre on the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.  I was taught by Helen Rimmer and I treasure all the great lessons I had with this amazing lady.  I learnt how to play all the recorders from the little sopranino to bass and still have four of these instruments.

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Click on the thumbnail - I'm fourth from left, playing my treble recorder.  This was taken at the end of year concert in December 1977.

lorrclar77.jpg (336003 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail again - I am third from the right, this time playing my cherished clarinet!  The same concert, December 1977.

When I was about nine I was finally considered 'big' enough to learn clarinet!  I soon joined the North Shore Junior Orchestra and was a founder member.  I stayed with this orchestra for a number of years.  I also played in holiday bands which performed in the Town Hall.  

My mum took me to all my musical activities and became so involved herself that she too started learning the recorder and became involved on the committee of the Glenfield Music Centre.

In my last year at the music centre (we could only stay until the we moved to secondary school at the age of 13) I also started learning the cello.  I just love this stringed instrument and hope to one day relearn it.

I eventually gave up music at around the age of 15/16.  I lived in the middle of 'nowhere' in the country and I was bored with the orchestra and wanted to play in a fun group - none were available.  Horses took over...

I next picked up my clarinet almost 10 years later when I saw the opportunity to join a Jazz Band - The Rodney Jazz Connection.  Musical Director was Barry Clewett who I understand is still busy on the music scene in Auckland.  It was with this band that I started playing tenor saxophone.  

On the recommendation of Barry Clewett I ended up working at Rodney College in Wellsford and taught clarinet, saxophone and flute and assisted with the school band and school certificate assessments.

I have been playing ever since!



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