Tressy and Other Dolls with 'Hair that Grows'

Tressy (with hair that grows!) was one of my first dolls.  I remember my mother ordering her for me from the back of a magazine.  I was so excited when she arrived.  Mine was a second edition brunette.  Unfortunately, during one our many moves she went missing.  Several years ago while buying a book from Ebay I came across a wonderful website all about this great doll.  I subsequently bought a tressy from ebay and hence the beginning of an ever increasing collection of tressys and other fashion dolls from the same era.

There were four editions of Tressy made by Palitoy and I have managed to collect one of each with several different hair colours!  I also have Tressy's little sister Toots.  American Character also made Tressy and I have three editions of these, plus Cricket - the AC version of Toots.

Collecting their original clothing can be difficult but I have a few now, and a couple of boxed outfits.  I will be eventually putting photos of these on this site.

I have also made some clothing for them.

musicalmascot.jpg (422408 bytes)    1two homemade outfits.jpg (474502 bytes)    cadenza.jpg (388366 bytes)    apple pie.jpg (582585 bytes)    sleeveless sleek.jpg (504406 bytes)

Musical Mascot    City Girls            Cadenza                Apple pie            Sleeveless sun

Apricot beauty.jpg (446592 bytes)

Apricot beauty

I have had some fun 'playing'. 

hairsalon.jpg (214508 bytes)

Hair salon!

I also have some other grow hair dolls made by Palitoy - the bigger Sheena and Goldilocks who is ever so sweet.


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