Palitoy dolls

I have tried to 'recollect' dolls I had as a child.  Some I know the names of, some I don't.  I have a couple of large 'walking, talking dolls'.  My original was called Linda.  Sadly when I last went home to my parents in New Zealand to collect Linda, they had left her in the shed in 'The Grove' and she was badly damaged from mould and chewed by rats... They say we should forgive and forget....

Linda2&friend.jpg (302303 bytes)

I have also got three Katie Kopycats, and I'm still trying to get hold of her desk and pens...  Mine, again was left with my parents and this time Katie lost her arm  - it was chewed off by one of Mum's dogs!

katie.jpg (212625 bytes)

I never had Tiny Tears - but just had to rescue her from the local charity shop.


Pictures to follow.




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