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Barbie, Skipper, Francie & Midge

I still had Malibu Barbie and my favourite - Skipper which I had when a child albeit with chews and pierced ears!  Of course I just had to extend the collection when I found a standard mod-barbie in her box in our local charity shop.  Just recently I came across a stunning find - a no-bangs Francie!  She is in fantastic condition - just needs some clothes.  I also have managed to collect a Midge.


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From left to right:  A standard blonde centered eye barbie with her box - just need to find her swimsuit!  My no-bangs Francie and Midge, a reproduction barbie, Barbie & Ken getting married, and then my original Malibu Barbie in her swimsuit and friends.

rimg0015.jpg (151651 bytes)

Gosh, I didn't realize I had quite so many skippers until I took the photo.  I have a growing-up skipper (2nd from left).  I also have my original skipper - in the yellow dress (4th from right) who is sadly awaiting a left arm transplant as one of my mum's dogs chewed her hand off!

all about plaid.jpg (633744 bytes)

Here is my no-bangs Francie in an original Francie outfit 'All about Plaid'.  She is very pleased to have a lovely dress and shoes of  her own and is all ready for Autumn with her scarf!



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